ONCE IN Agency is specialized in organizing events in the South of France and particularly in the domains and castles of the Southwest, Dordogne and Bordeaux – an ideal setting for your wedding.

Getting married in a castle means granting oneself and their entourage a step out of time, for the duration of a night, a weekend or more. Savoring a warm summer night with family and friends, telling each other small and big stories, getting together at the end of autumn for a reception accompanied by the crackling fire… The possibilities are endless.

Everyone should party in a French Château at least once!

Being a professional who produces modern events in these places recovered by history requires a specific approach. I pay particular attention to visiting each area allowing me to feel its atmosphere, learning about its technical constraints and imagining the possible scenography for your wedding while fully respecting the place dynamics.

© Antony Merat

Each property is unique and has its own history and influences: luxurious spirit, family home, romantic, rustic or contemporary style. Fascinating places, carefully restored and reinvented over the years by their owners. A bridal suite and its 14th century vault, a walk around a cliff with a 360-degree view of the Dordogne Valley… Unique and charming places that I discovered during my visits and that I will gladly share with you.