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A wedding is the celebration of love, family and friendship, a parenthesis in time surrounded by all of those who you hold dear. My role as a Wedding Planner is to sublimate this special day! I will be there for you at all times, nothing will be left to chance. Every element of your big day will be thoroughly thought of, decided and taken care of. I like the unexpected, the challenges and the contrasts. Creating a sophisticated decor for a reception in the heart of the vineyards, installing a dance floor and turntables in the courtyard of a castle… Organizing your wedding means an opportunity to explore a range of endless possibilities, to inspire, create, intertwine. Everything is possible, my mission is to find out how!

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Each couple has a unique story, style and expectations. Whether your desires are very specific or more abstract, we will take the time to design together a tailor-made project that suits you. Atmosphere, reception area, flower centerpieces, lighting, tableware… Your wedding and its scenography will be thought of as a coherent and harmonious whole. I will be your guide in this creation process and will conduct you to the craftsmen and professionals that best suit your needs. From our first meeting until your big day, I will be your privileged interlocutor. Since I will be in charge of all the exchanges with the various providers, you will only have to make time for our appointments and important decisions. My mission is to make you live as calmly as possible the months of preparation for your wedding regardless of your personal, professional and geographical constraints.

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After we sign the contract, I will provide you with a precise schedule listing all our appointments and our deadlines for the following months. This document will be available online, and it will allow you to follow the progress of the preparations at any time. In parallel, from the beginning of our exchanges we will have the budget that you wish to allocate to your wedding in mind. We will optimize this budget according to your desires and priorities. As your big day approaches, I will provide you with the planning of your wedding. This guide will ensure a milimetric implementation, a smooth flow of your day and impeccable evening dynamics. No detail will be left to chance!

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As a Wedding Planner, my role is to transform, as accurately as possible, an idea, a moodboard into a concrete event: your wedding! During the months of preparation, I will be in charge of driving this project with the team of professionals that we will have formed. The weekend of your wedding I will be on site from the beginning and I will be one of the last to leave when the night comes to an end. I will be in charge of the supervision of the entire set-up, team management and planning control, assuring that your day is fully in line with your expectations. My involvement and my working methods will ensure a precise and efficient execution. You will only have one mission: to ENJOY!

A wedding is the result of the work of a team composed specifically for each event. I will put particular care in meeting and exchanging with all the professionals that I will present to you and with which we will work. And what a joy to collaborate with passionate artists! The caterer who talks about their dishes with pride, the floral designer whose eyes shine while seeing photos of their latest creations…



Before any commitment, we will take the time to exchange and discover each other in an appointment during which we will talk about your story, your project, your desires… In the days following this meeting I will provide you with a concrete and quantified project. If this project pleases you and I am the Wedding Planner that suits you the best, we will sign a contract and this is how our adventure together will officially begin!